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Thursday, December 14th, 2017


WARNING!  Beware of a company calling themselves BYRUM & FLEMING. They allege to be an accounting firm and provide their address as 321 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo, California 94960. The strange thing is that this 'accounting firm' sells mailing lists and offers a list titled "BESHARA INCOME OPPORTUNITY BUYERS". I never heard of them, I never did business with them and I never authorized their use of my name!

They are obviously attempting to create the impression that they are me and/or that they are authorized to sell my lists and/or that the list they are offering came from me and is sactioned by me.To see their unauthorized use of my name CLICK HERE.

I contacted Hilary Doyle of Byrum & Fleming demanding to know why they are using my name without my permission and pretending to be me selling my lists. Hilary Doyle replied that "The file is through ARK Company sourced from HR Direct." When I asked her what the hell does that mean, I was told to call a person at ARK Company named Ace Remas at 775-787-1401. I left several messages but Ace Remas of ARK Company has thusfar declined to reply. Byrum & Doyle abruptly removed the offending list from their website. Googling ARK Company yielded that they are a female clothing company and HR Direct provides HR services.

This matter has been placed in the hands of my attorneys.


1278 Chapin Road
New Castle, PA 16105

And: 1492 Holly Heights Drive
         Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304       
            Tel: 240-315-8307
                   347-927-7667 –This is a NYC area code (probably for evasive reasons)

After he cheated me out of $1650 (stolen credit card) I Googled him and discovered I’m not the only person he cheated. He runs a Postal Money Order Cash Gifting scam and some of the other folks he cheated have filed complaints about him on You can read their reports here:

He operates these websites: and and, and quite possibly others.

On one website he has a video alleging to show him opening his mail, receiving thousands of dollars in money orders and promising the same results to others. Yeah, right.



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