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Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

12 More Ways Your Ads Can Work Harder

If you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers, you can benefit from reading this article.


It is a rare advertising campaign that is either a roaring success or a total failure. Nearly all advertising campaigns produce at least some results. Then they are fine-tuned to become steadily more effective. Once you've created your basic ad, try implementing some of these Twelve More Ideas To Make Your Advertising Produce More Results. Here are more ideas to help you produce more effective ads:

Advertising idea 13. Use The Power Of FREE

One good reason to respond to your ad is to get something for free. But to work, what you offer has to be perceived as valuable to the prospect. Many ads offer a "free brochure," but this has marginal value. Everyone offers a free brochure, and the daily mail consists mostly of unsolicited free sales pitches and brochures. Your free offer has more impact if it has a high perceived value - an educational guide, a reprint of a government publication, a small tool - something the prospect wants to have whether they think they will buy from you or not.

Advertising idea 14. Show The Free Gift

Whatever you offer, let people see a photo or illustration of it. They will want it more if they can see what they are going to get.

Advertising idea 15. Connect Your Headline To Your Call To Action

The two most important parts of your ad are the headline - which makes people stop and read it - and your Call To Action - which tells people what action to take. Everything else is designed to support the benefits of taking that action. So, whatever action you will ask people to take, make sure your headline begins to create interest in what will happen as a result of the action you will ask for.

Advertising idea 16. Make An Ad Into A Coupon

The easiest way is through your call to action:"Bring this ad with you when you come for 10% off your first order."

"Please tell them Harry sent you, and ask for your free home insulation guide booklet."

Advertising idea 17. Watch Out For Price Quotes

Never quote a price in your ad unless it is absolutely the best price in your market. And even then, think about asking people to call for a quote. Price is one of the biggest questions on every buyer's mind. If you can get them to call or come in for a "guaranteed lowest price quote," you have a better chance to sell other attributes besides price.

Advertising idea 18. Skip The Vanity Headline

Part of every ad's job is to build awareness of your company or product, but the job of the headline is to make people read the ad. Use your headline to generate interest, then build you brand awareness later in the ad. And the best place for your logo is usually at the bottom, near your call to action - either centered or to the right of center.

Advertising idea 19. Make Your Ad The Right Size

In just about all newspapers and magazines, some advertisers buy full pages, some buy the minimum size offered, and some fall in the middle. To maximize your company's credibility, and get the maximum return for your budget, don't buy ads of the smallest size. The minimum size for your ad should be no less than what other credible suppliers in your business use.

Advertising idea 20. Tell Customers How To Contact You Immediately

Give your prospects a toll-free number to call immediately for more information or a Web address, rather than asking them to write or complete a reader service card. Reader service is cheaper, but the delay means you follow up weeks after the prospect's initial interest. Phone, fax or e-mail access puts you in contact with the prospect when their interest is greatest.

Advertising idea 21. Include A "Business Card"

If you offer a service, you may want people to keep your number handy for a future time when they need you. To help them do this, include a business card in your ad for them to clip out. Simply create a rectangular border the size of a standard business card with your information inside. Use the little scissors icon along one edge of the picture and make your call to action an instruction like: "Clip my business card and file it away for that rainy day when you need Acme Roofing."

Advertising idea 22. Skip The Puffery

"Leading", "Best", "Number One", "Highest Quality" and similar broad claims appear so often in ads that they have little impact on purchasers. They are also terribly generic. Use words that are more descriptive of the actual benefits you offer. Instead of "Fastest service in town," try "We'll have your work ready in 9 hours - or the job is free."

Advertising idea 23. Try An Endorsement Headline

Customers can use puffy selling words that would ring false if stated by you:"Morris Industries solved my termite problem on the first try. Nobody else even came close."This text, plus a photo of the customer makes the point in a credible way, and leads to this call to action:"To find out more about how the experts at Morris can solve your termite problem on the first try, just . . . "

Advertising idea 24. Follow Up Punctually

Whatever you promise in your call to action, deliver it punctually. If you say you will send out information, do so within 24 business hours of receiving a call. Wait a few days and two things happen. First, your prospect begins to lose interest in you. Second, any competitors that your prospect contacted at the same time have a chance to close the deal while you're getting around to responding.

Plus One More Idea -- Make Your Prospects Want More

The purpose of some advertisements is to make the prospective buyer immediately make a purchase - fill in a coupon and enclose a check, and mail the whole thing in with no human interaction. But these ads are the exception. The principal purpose of most ads is to cause the buyer to take an action that will lead to a subsequent - not immediate - purchase: call or send for literature, talk to a representative, speak with their local dealer, etc. In these cases, you are relying on a sales person or literature to continue the selling process that was begun in the ad. Particularly where direct contact with a salesperson will be involved, you are also counting on the ability of that person to ask the buyer questions and to interactively lead the buyer to a favorable decision. When your advertising tries to tell too much, you often leave the buyer with little reason to take that next step of contacting you. That's why the best ads usually present the "sizzle" of what you are selling, and the ask the buyer to contact someone in order to get the "steak" - all of the details. So, unless the purpose of your ad is strictly mail order with no further contact, write your ad with the goal of making your prospects want to know more, rather than trying to tell them everything they need to know before buying.

Consider implementing these tips if you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers and want to make more money than you are currently making.

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