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Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

78 Secrets to Writing Killer Sales Copy

If you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers, you can benefit from reading this article.


(1) Who’s my target prospect: name, address, phone, fax, email, website?
(2) In 50 words or less, what am I offering?
(3) What does it do? How does it work? How is it used?
(4) How much does it cost?
(5) What’s the offer? Premium? Limited-time offer? Free info? Guarantees? Etc?
(6) What are the features of the product? All facts and specifications.
(7) What are the main benefits? What will it do for me?
(8) What problem does it solve? Other selling points?
(9) What will it give me that I can't get anywhere else?
(10) How and why is it new, better or different than what's already available?
(11) What is unique or exclusive about it?
(12) What’s the objective? To generate leads or make a direct sale?
(13) What is the budget?
(14) What is the schedule? When do you need it? Any deadlines or schedules?
(15) Who is the main prospect/target?
(16) Any secondary targets?
(17) What mailing lists/media have worked in the past?
(18) What tests must I conduct?
(19) What selling points must be included?
(20) What must never be said or promised?
(21) Who are your competitors? How do you compare?
(22) Any operational restrictions? (e.g., no 9" X 12" envelopes, 4-color, etc?)
(23) What is the method of payment?
(24) How do you receive orders? Phone? Internet? Mail? On-site retail?
(25) What guarantee do you offer?
(26) What are all the product benefits?
(27) What are all the product features?
(28) How is my product different from and better than the competition?
(29) What does the buyer expect for their money? And, do we deliver?
(30) What sales message is the competition using?
(31) How does my audience differ from the general public?
(32) How much can my buyers reasonably expect to pay?
(33) Does my average buyer have a checking account/credit card?
(34) Will my product be purchased for personal or business use?
(35) Can I expect to get multiple sales from my buyer?
(36) What is the logical back-end product I can upsell to my buyer?
(37) Will I need to show my product in color?
(38) What’s my universe – the total number of potential buyers?
(39) What’s the age range of my buyer?
(40) What’s the gender of my buyer?
(41) What’s the marital status of my buyer?
(42) Is my buyer a white- or blue-collar worker?
(43) Is there an overseas market for my product?
(44) Should I offer a payment plan?
(45) Will my product make a good gift item?
(46) Should my sales copy be long or short?
(47) Should my sales copy be formal or down-to-earth?
(48) Should I test several prices?
(49) Should I test several mailing lists?
(50) Should I test several sales copy approaches?
(51) Should I mail third class or first class?
(52) Is my product seasonal and, if so, am I taking advantage of it?
(53) Can I get any testimonials to use in my sales copy?
(54) Do I need photos or illustrations?
(55) What has worked in the past for this kind of product?
(56) What objections can I expect from customers and how can I overcome them?
(57) Should I use a premium?
(58) Should I use a money-back guarantee?
(59) If this product is available in stores, why should they buy from me?
(60) Can I get a celebrity to endorse my product?
(61) Can I tie my sales copy to some timely new event?
(62) Can I tie my sales copy to some holiday or seasonal event?
(63) Does my product sell better in a particular region or climate?
(64) Should I personalize my message by name?
(65) Should I consider using a sweepstakes or contest?
(66) Can my product be sold through bill inserts?
(67) Should I use a 1-step or a 2-step sales approach?
(68) Should I consider print ads?
(69) Should I consider broadcast ads?
(70) What’s my ‘Call to Action’?
(71) How can I create a sense of urgency?
(72) Can I use scientific evidence in my sales copy?
(73) Have I allowed enough lead time?
(74) Can I get my customer to buy via telephone?
(75) What information do I want to get from my customer?
(76) What approaches to sell this product in the past have failed?
(77) Should I use ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos?
(78) Am I ready to fulfill all the orders when my campaign succeeds?

Consider implementing these tips if you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer
mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailling lists,or MLM mailing lists to targe Opportunity Seekers,
Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Opportunity
Seekers and want to make more money than you are currently making.
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