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Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Expert's Guide to Pro Email Marketing

If you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers, you can benefit from reading this article.


Welcome. The first thing I want to tell you is "Bulk E-mail really works! There is no other marketing tool that can so quickly boost a small business into a big business. You can sit back while your computer advertises to thousands of people around the world everyday for free! Bulk E-mail has turned thousands of people into highly successful business people. Bulk E-mail is all about the ability of the small businessman/woman to reach as many people as the huge corporations do each day. I know some of you may not have much business experience or computer experience. Experience in both of these areas is helpful, but you will still do fine if you do your homework and study the internet and all of the other intelligent marketers on the net. Soon you will be a part of this very profitable business system and your business should see a major increase in revenues.

If you like the idea of FREE ADVERTISING, you will definitely want to start Bulk E-mailing today. This guide will teach you how to write a great e-mail sales letter and send it to thousands of people per day for free. Just a few years ago no one in the world would have believed it if you told them that today anyone with a computer could advertise to over 25,000 people a day for free. With a good e-mail sales letter and a good offer it is reasonable to expect that between 1% and 2% of the 25,000 people who receive your e-mail advertisement will become your customers.That's 250 to 500 new customers. Even if you only produce a 1/10th of one percent response you will still have 25 new customers you didn't have before, and what did it cost - zilch!


For a long time national television has been the greatest possible place you could advertise a business. But who can afford those kind of ridiculous price rates? The average businessman will never have a commercial on TV, so let's talk reality here. Let's talk about something the average businessman can start doing today to advertise to the entire world. Now that there is special software that enables us to send e-mail to every e-mail box in the world, television takes a back seat. Think about how much a 30 second television ad on a major station would cost you. It would cost you thousands of dollars. Now think about how much it would cost you to send out a hundred thousand e-mails. Once you have an internet service provider, it doesn't cost you a penny to send e-mail. That means you can send your advertisement to over 25,000 people every day, every week, every month, every year, practically free for the rest of your life. If you have a good ad, imagine how much pure profit you will make since all your advertising is practically free. And the best part of all about sending Bulk E-mail is that everyone you send your ad to has to read at least the subject line of your e-mail. With television ads, people usually go to the kitchen when the ad starts. Or with magazines and newspapers people usually just don't read the ads. But with bulk e-mail 100% of the people you send to will be forced to read at least the subject line of your ad. That's incredible. There's nothing else like it. And you will start to see the responses within minutes or hours of sending your emails.

Assuming you already own a computer, the first thing you will need is software to create and send your messages out. There are basically two types of software. The first type is a bulk e-mail software program that connects to your ISP's e-mail server and sends your email through their server. Since you are using their e-mail server to send your e-mail out through, they can see just about everything you are sending. You must understand that your ISP has dedicated server computers that are used only for sending and processing email. This first type of software connects directly to those servers at your ISP. Now as you can imagine most ISP's don't exactly appreciate you sending thousands of pieces of unsolicited bulk e-mail through their e-mail system. That's where the second type of software come in. The newer bulk email programs turn your computer into your own private e-mail server. This way your ISP can't really see what you are sending. So the basic rule of thumb is this: If you plan on sending lots of unsolicited bulk e-mail you should use a Desktop Server type of program but if you are going to send to solicited lists, or if you happen to have access to a bulk friendly ISP or e-mail server, you could use one of the older programs. Keep in mind, Desktop Server type programs do a great job of hiding your identity from your ISP and protecting your account, but it is still possible on rare occasions for your ISP to get complaints. An easy way to tell what type of program you are using is this: If the program asks you to enter the SMTP address of your ISP, then it is using your ISP's servers to send your mail. Programs that turn your own computer into the mail server, such as "Express Mail Server" do not ask for or need that information.. (They may ask for a valid DNS server address, this can be any valid server address, it is just used to verify your email addresses and is not used to send your mail).

Today, most ISP's accept bulk emailers as a fact of life and mostly look the other way. As of this writing there are no federal laws prohibiting the sending of unsolicited emails and there are just a few simple guidelines (listed further down) which should be followed in order to keep complaints to a minimum. Be prepared because you WILL get complaints - it is unavoidable - someone may be having a bad hair day or whatever and decide to take it out on you! regardless of if you are using a non-opt-in or an opt-in list). It is possible that you could lose your ISP - but it's really no big deal. If they receive enough complaints they could disconect you so it's a good idea to have a spare ISP or two lined up in that event. ISP's are cheap and plentiful (no more than $20/month) so even if they disconect you for bulk emailing that is all they will do and you can just move on to another ISP. Even if you lose your ISP every month it won't slow you down. In fact the term "Disposable" or "Throw-away" ISP is quite common among bulk e-mailers. This simply means that you sign up with an ISP, with the anticipation of getting kicked off at some point.

Once you have a list of e-mail addresses and a perfect sales letter ready to send out, there are a few pointers I want to mention. First of all, be sure never to use a fake return address as your return address when doing a bulk e-mailing. There are a couple reasons why you never want to do this. Reason #1: Most ISP's are programmed not to accept e-mail from an email domain that is not registered. This means that if you use a fake return address, many of the e-mails you are trying to send will be rejected. Reason #2: It's now become the law that you must use a valid return address of your own when doing a bulk e-mailing. It's actually very easy to get a good valid return address to do your bulk e-mailing. Just get a free e-mail box and use that. You can find places that offer free e-mail by just going to your favorite search engine and typing in "Free E-mail." Then once you have an e-mail box, you will be able to read your responses from your bulk e-mailing and you will be following the law.

Is Bulk E-Mail legal? It's legal if you follow a few basic rules such as never using a fake return e-mail address. You should also include your phone number and your business address in your e-mail. Lastly, the law says you must keep a responsible remove list to prevent sending unsolicited e-mail to those that don't want it. If you want to really show that you are in full compliance with the law and are completely legal, you may wish to copy and paste this statement below into the beginning or end of your email. "You are receiving this email because you or someone with access to your email address subscribed to an affiliate distribution list. If you received this message in error or wish to be removed from this list, further transmissions to you by the sender of this email may be stopped at no cost to you by sending a reply to this email address with the word "remove" in the subject line".


Most businesses have a start up cost. To get into the bulk e-mail business the start-up cost would be high if you didn't have a computer. But since you already own a computer, you are way ahead of the game. So the only start up cost you will have is the cost of the Bulk E-mail software and your list of email names. There is no material, postage or labor costs. Good bulk e-mail software does most of the work for you. It imports thousands of e-mail addresses into your computer, then when you are ready, it sends your message to all of them at a fast rate of speed. You can advertise practically free for your entire life as long as you have an internet provider. Once you have a Bulk E-mail program installed on your computer, you will then need to have an internet service provider. You probably already have one, but if you don't then go to the website: There you will be able to type in your city or area code to find a local service provider. This service provider is what you will use to send your Bulk E-mail from. Next you will need to learn how to get thousands of e-mail addresses to send to. You can purchase the emails or you can purchase extraction software which is capable of searching the internet and collecting addresses for you. To find this type of software just type "email extractor" or "email harvester" into or any search engine of your choice.

There are 3 basic types of e-mail extractors on the market
1. Website e-mail extractor: An e-mail extractor that vacuums thousands of addresses from websites and stores them in your computer.
2. Data Base e-mail extractor: You just type in a keyword to search for and it will go into secret databases on the internet and pull e-mail addresses at incredible speeds. What are secret databases on the internet? Sorry, that's a secret. Just kidding. Secret databases are places where companies store the e-mail addresses of millions of internet users.
3. News Group extractor: What are news groups? News Groups are a giant bulletin board on the internet where millions of people go to ask questions and post answers to their favorite hobbies and topics. They also post advertisements. As you can imagine, most of these people have e-mail addresses just waiting there for you to collect them. When you are ready to extract e-mail addresses from the news groups, you will need to find out your "news server address" Most prograns will tell you how but if you can't find it, just call your ISP's tech support and ask what your "news server address is." If they ask you why you need it, just tell them you are using a news group reader and you need it for that. Remember, your ISP cannot even tell when you are extracting e-mail addresses. Once you have your "news group server address" just enter it under "Connection" "Setup Connection" Then sign online and click "Refresh groups." Now just wait while it loads up all the thousands of different groups. Then, once all the groups are loaded, highlight the ones you want e-mail addresses from and click "Retrieve from selected groups

Never buy any of the many CD's you see advertised with 500,000 or 10 million e-mail addresses. These lists are full of mostly old, fake, and undeliverable e-mail addresses. And the few deliverable e-mail addresses on these lists for sale are usually grumpy people who have been blasted with e-mail advertisements from the hundreds of other bulk e-mailers who are using that same identical list. Buy lists in reasonable quantities from suppliers who don't make outlandish claims or claim to have hundreds of thousands or millions of names available. Another alternative is to harvest your own fresh e-mail addresses as mentioned earlier. If you want to get maximum response try to do a good job targeting your addresses. Example: If you are selling golf equipment on the internet, type keywords to search for like, golf, golfers, putting, tee time, golf balls, 9 iron, club house, etc. You can mail to a general list but you won't believe how much better of a response you will get when you target your emails. And most people have a lot more respect for bulk emailers who target their lists. What's especially great about bulk emailing is you never have to be at home while your computer sends your e-mail advertisements out. So basically your computer is doing everything for you no matter where you are. Even while you are sleeping, your computer can either be collecting e-mail addresses or sending out your advertisements. It's really like having an employee that is willing to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for free. And that's not an exaggeration, that's really how it is. And computers never get tired, so they make great workers. Once you have a sales letter written and have carefully selected a subject you can begin sending. I just tell the computer which e-mail I want to send, press send and my computer sends thousands of e-mails out by itself until it's finished. While it's doing this, I can spend my time doing other things.

Bulk E-mail is all about sending people an e-mail that tells them how they can get more out of life by visiting your website or purchasing your products and or services. There is no way I can stress the importance of a well crafted sales letter. Your whole bulk e-mailing campaign depends solely on the quality of your sales letter and your choice of wording for the subject line . When you send out a great e-mail sales letter, money will start pouring in so fast you'll think you're dreaming. Of course you must experiment in order to find out what type of e-mail sales letter impresses people. You need to start out by writing about 5 e-mail sales letters. Make them all as different as possible. Now you must open up 5 separate e-mail boxes. You'll probably want to use free e-mail boxes for this experiment. Just type the words "Free E-mail" in any search engine and you'll have plenty to choose from. Next it's important to send the same amount of each e-mail sales letter out. For example: You would send out 1,000 e-mails for each of the 5 sales letters and five free e-mail boxes you have. That's a total of 5,000 e-mails. Just be sure to use a different letter and a different e-mail box for each thousand you send. Then you just wait to see which e-mail box has the most good response in it. Then you can delete the 4 sales letters that didn't get a great response, and keep the one that did. Continue the process until you are satisfied you have the best possible letter. (A good way to get started is to look carefully at the solicitations you receive in your email box and notice which ones grab your attention and why). This is simply and experiment that uses a scientific approach to determining which sales letter is going to get results and make you money. This simple little test will tell you within a few hours, which is the best sales letter. It's so accurate at predicting what will make you huge profits in your future. Once you have a sales letter that stands out among the others, you can use that one for a long time. It will continue to produce orders and make you money day after day. You will think of it as your secret weapon.
Below are some valuable tips when writing an e-mail sales letter:
1. Keep your e-mail sales letter under 2 pages long.
I prefer 1 paragraph and a link to more info.
2. Be yourself.
Talk like you are talking to a friend. People like to identify with the writer, and feel like they know him/ her. So don't always worry about perfect grammar, and it's OK to use some slang terminology, people can relate to slang talk. If you don't think you can come up with a good sales letter of your own, then you have another option. You can read and study some of the e-mail sales letters that other people are probably sending you. I am good at writing great sales letters but I still spend a lot of time studying other peoples sales letters. I study them all. I study every word very carefully to see what exactly makes a great sales letter. I recommend you do the same thing. You can borrow bits and pieces of other peoples sales letters to come up with your own masterpiece. It's also a good idea to see what type of information or service they are selling and how much they are selling it for. All of these factors will give you insight on creating your own brilliant sales letters and business systems. I like to keep all my sales letters short and to the point. I see some sales letters that are up to 10 pages long. Very few people will read 10 pages of any e-mail sales letter, so I would suggest you keep them short. I usually like my letters to be about a page and a half. A long e-mail sales letter also gives the reader too much information. I think it is best to always keep the reader curious, and a short e-mail sales letter is a great way to do that.
3. When you write a sales letter, always make your headline absolutely incredible and amazing!!!
The headline of your e-mail is extremely important. After someone opens up your e-mail, this will be the first thing they see. And this first line will determine whether or not they are going to read your e-mail or delete it. So you need a headline that really peaks the readers curiosity. You need a headline that really pulls them in. When you write a headline, think of something that the reader will think to him or herself: "Wow!, I have got to read this. If I don't read this, I'll always wonder what this e-mail was about."
4. The subject line of your e-mail is the most important item!
The subject line of your e-mail is also extremely important. This is the very first thing your reader will see. You have two choices when it comes to writing your subject line. Choice #1 You can use the honest approach and say something like "Find out how to boost your business." Choice #2 You can be a little bit deceptive and say something like "Hi, this is for you" With Choice #1 the reader knows it's a commercial advertisement and can delete it before reading it. But the reader often appreciates the ability to know if it's and ad before reading it. But with Choice #2 the reader is almost forced to open the e-mail and read it because there is a small chance that the e-mail is from a friend or business associate. So Choice #2 gets the reader to open the e-mail, but it can also make a few people a little angry that you tricked them into opening the e-mail. This has to be your own preference and you should test various subject lines. (Hint: when you are testing and perfecting your email message do not change more than one element at a time - For example, if you are testing different headlines do not change the subject or the body copy of the letter).

You will see bulk e-mailers that claim to send at speeds of up to 250,000 e-mails per hour. While this sounds great, you should know that it's not possible to legally send out at those speeds. The programs that advertise these high speeds usually require you you to use the resources of other companies and ISP's. And if you use an e-mail server that you don't have permission to use, that is stealing. So I would steer clear of those fast talkers who tell you about sending 250,000 per hour. If you are following the law and using a standard connection you can expect to send out a maximum of about 5,000 e-mails per hour. And when you think about it, that's plenty. You would have a hard time coming up with more good quality email addresses to send than that per hour.

What does the term spam exactly mean?
Answer: Spam is a tasty meat product that is perfect for all occasions. Well....that's true, but when people use it in reference to bulk e-mail they just call it spam because there so much of it....kind of like spam(the meat product.)

I have received emails from other people that are in color, and have different sized letters and all that fancy stuff. Can I do that too?
Answer: You really should never send bulk email in color or with any fancy stuff like underlines, bold, large fonts or anthing other than plain text. The reason is that about 30% of the people on the net can't read that fancy email. They have older software or older computers. If you send a color email to one of these 30% who don't have the proper email software to view it, the email will look like strange computer code. I hope the example above is enough to convince you to never try to send any fancy colored bulk emails. I myself, get emails everyday that look just like the one above. In fact I took that example from an email someone just sent me yesterday. So if you want to succeed in bulk email just send plain text with nothing fancy on it and you'll do fine if you have a good sales letter. I get bulk emails from people that have a hyper-link so that when you read the email, you can just click on the link and it takes you right to their website.

How can I do that?
Answer: It's easy, you don't have to do anything. Most email software automatically turns website addresses into hyper-text links. How does it do that? Simple most modern email software look for http:// in your email. If it sees that, it automatically makes that a hyper-link you can click on to take you there. Also most email software is smart enough to make anything with an @ symbol a hyper-text link. So don't worry your self about how to do this. It's totally automatic, so forget about it and start bulk emailing.

Should I find a bulk friendly ISP?
Don't waste your time or money on a bulk friendly ISP. They are expensive, usually about 10 times the monthy cost of a regular ISP, and they never seem to last.

What else do I need to know?
"There is power in numbers" Know that by reaching many people you are practically assured of getting some results. And if you take the time to come up with a great letter, headline and subject line the results could blow you away. Good luck to you!

Consider implementing these tips if you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers and want to make more money than you are currently making.

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