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Monday, March 1st, 2021

Mail Order Training - Free Library of 62 Lessons to Mail Order Success

Welcome to my Free Library of 62 articles revealing everything you need to know to make your mail order business successful!

If you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers, you can benefit from reading these articles.

Just click on the title of the article to read it and benefit from it. Good Luck!

  1.  Why Use Direct Mail?
  2. The ABC's of Selling by Direct Mail
  3. The 7 Secrets to Winning at Direct Mail
  4. The 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Selling by Direct Mail
  5. The 65 Ways You Can Profit by Direct Mail Today
  6. The 3 Most Cost-Effective Ways To Use Direct Mail
  7. Your 13 Point Check For Succeeding at Direct Mail
  8. The 6 Things That Will Kill Your Direct Mail Campaign
  9. The 11 Direct Mail Ideas That Really Work
  10. The 978 All-Time Direct Mail Response-Pulling Words and Phrases
  11. The 30 Most Powerful Copywriting Secrets in the World
  12. The 78 Questions You Must Ask Yourself So You Can Write Killer Sales Copy
  13. How to Use a 'P.S.' in Your Sales Letter to Close the Sale
  14. How Using the Right Headline Can Increase Sales 1800%
  15. The 25 Ways to Increase Your Response Rates
  16. How To Write the Perfect Sales Letter, Brochure or Ad
  17. The 62 Proven Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Generate More Money
  18. The 14 Secrets to Successful Mail Campaigns
  19. The 20 Things That Ensures Your Direct Mail Success
  20. The Secret to When Direct Mail Works Best
  21. How to Make Your Direct Mail Generate More Leads
  22. The 7 Direct Mail Secrets Guaranteed to Create a Stampede of New Business
  23. The 4 Easy Ways to Cut Your Cost of Getting Leads
  24. The Absolute Do's and Don't's of Direct Mail
  25. How to Send Direct Mail That Really Works
  26. How to Avoid the 12 Most Common Direct Mail Fatal Errors
  27. How to Create High-Impact Direct Mail Campaigns
  28. The 3 Keys to Making your Direct Mail Campaign a Success
  29. What Hollywood Director Alfred Hitchcock Taught me about Direct Mail
  30. How to Make Direct Mail Sell Expensive High-Ticket Items
  31. How to Build a Direct Mail Database of Customers
  32. How to Create the Perfect Direct Mail Packet
  33. How to Create the Perfect Direct Mail Postcard
  34. How Much Should You Pay for a Mailing List?
  35. Your Direct Mail Campaign Just Bombed! Now What?
  36. The 25 Secrets to Powerful Business-to-Business Direct Mail
  37. How to Save Money on Creative Services, Printing and Mailing Lists
  38. How to Use Your Mailing List to Warm Your Telephone Cold Calls
  39. The Money-Making Logistics of Direct Mail
  40. The Secrets to Effective Email Marketing
  41. The Expert's Guide to Professional Email Marketing
  42. How to Create Absolutely Great Ad Campaigns
  43. The 12 Ways to Make Your Ads Produce More Results
  44. Here's 12 More Ways to Make Your Ads Produce More Results
  45. Effective Advertising Tools for Your Small Business
  46. The 9 Steps to Great Print Ads
  47. How to Get Free Publicity
  48. How to Get Valuable Leads for Free at Trade Shows
  49. The 13 Most Powerful Ways to Market - and Why
  50. Guerilla Problem-Solving
  51. The 19 Steps Guaranteed to Make You More Creative
  52. How to Brainwash Prospects into Buying Anything
  53. Prospects Can't Hide if You Know How to Find Them
  54. How to Tease a Prospect Until They Respond
  55. The 4 Ways to Get Prospects to Respond Today
  56. The 11 Ways to Create a Money-Making 'Call to Action'
  57. The 50 Hottest Sales Letter Tips
  58. The 4 Ways to Misuse a Mailing List and Lose a Sale
  59. How Your Current Clients Can Find You New Clients
  60. How To Create 'Top of Mind' Awareness
  61. There's Power in These Direct Marketing Numbers
  62. The 12 Steps to a Winning Marketing Attitude



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