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Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

Mailing Lists Can Warm Phone Cold Calls

If you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers, you can benefit from reading this article.


Telephone cold calling can be frustrating, yet it remains a very effective way to build new prospect relationships. The key is to make these calls less "cold." You can increase your cold calling success rate by Using A Mailing To Warm Your Cold Calls Wouldn't it be great if you could meet all of your sales goals just by responding to repeat orders, referrals and warm leads from your company's advertising? You say you already do this? Then stop reading! This article is not for you. For the rest of us, cold calling is a necessary fact of life for finding enough prospects to sustain our sales goals. I don't recall ever meeting a salesperson who really enjoys cold calling, but I have met a few who swear by cold calling as one of their most effective ways to build a customer base. And many of those who benefit from cold calling have learned the importance of paving the way before the call with an effective mailing campaign as part of their three-step cold call sale: Conduct a mailing to prospects.Follow up with telephone calls to schedule appointments.
Meet face to face to present and close.

Conducting A Mailing

The simplest mailing consists of just a brochure. However, the most effective mailing, resulting in the most appointments, takes more work. The best mailing consists of these three components: A business envelope with the person's name (not just "owner" or "president") and address individually typed or handwrittenA tailored letter, which is based upon some of the unique information you have about this prospectYour smallest brochure  

Designing the pre-call letter
The ideal letter is one that feels personalized with as little effort as possible. A personal letter has the greatest likelihood of getting through the decision maker's assistant and actually being read by the intended recipient. Below is an example of a personal letter designed to get a prospect's attention and interest in a movie-theater advertising service. It is basically a form letter. All that changes from one person to the next are the date, name, address, the first paragraph (which references what the company was advertising) and the names of theaters near the prospect's business in the second paragraph.

February 9, 2005
Mr. John Perez
Acme Automotive
123 Oak Street
Smalltown, FL 33456

Dr. Mr. Perez:

While reading the Miami Herald, my eyes were drawn to the advertisement for your "Tire Tune-up." Clearly you've given a great deal of thought to your customers' needs, and you've designed an ad that should attract a lot of attention.

That's why I thoughy you would be interested in knowing about MovieTime, an entertainment slide program that runs during intermissions in movie theater throughout Florida.

Yadda, yadda, yadda (you get the idea).

Sincerely Yours,

(signed) Phil Jones

Following Up After The Mailing
A few of the people who receive your letter will call you. Most, however, will take no action, even though they are good prospects. That is why it is necessary for you to place follow-up calls to set up appointments.

When you begin a telephone sales call, it is important to remember that the prospect is not as prepared for this conversation as you are. Before you called, the decision maker was doing something -- talking to someone, reading, working with a customer or paying a bill. His mind is still involved in that activity. Thus, your call is an interruption. In the first 60 seconds of the call, you need to get the customer's mind away from whatever he was doing before you called and generate enough interest in your call so he will want to stay on the line.
Below are some techniques you can use to turn many of these follow-up calls into appointments:

  • Identify yourself and the name of your company. Never say, "How are you today?" to a stranger. Only salespeople ever say this to people they don't know, so it alerts the prospect that your sole purpose is to sell.
  • Go slowly with your introduction, breaking it into separate sentences. Remember, the prospect is still concentrating on something else. Give her a chance to hear you and understand what you are saying.
  • Tell the prospect why you are calling -- to follow up on the mailing you sent.
  • Inject pauses. Give the prospect an opportunity to speak if he wants to.
  • Don't ask the prospect whether she has read the information or whether she has any questions about it. Because she may not have read it, or has read it but does not remember much, you will only embarrass her with such questions.
  • Refresh the prospect's memory by presenting a brief overview of your company. Personalize this as much as possible by mentioning information you have about his company.
  • As soon as the prospect expresses interest by starting to ask detailed questions, begin to sell the appointment. In order to answer the prospect's questions, you need to know more about her business.
  • Ask for the appointment by giving the prospect a choice between two days. The prospect will likely pick one or come up with a date and time of his own. Do not ask, "When is a good time for you?" Most business owners are too busy to have a "good" time.
  • Throughout the conversation, always listen to the prospect without interruption. The more she says to you, the more she becomes involved in considering the purchase.

Meeting Face To Face

Once you have an appointment with your prospect, don't drop the ball. See if there is anything else you can learn about his business before you meet together. Prepare for the appointment with those examples you mentioned in your mailing. Focus on how your offer can meet this prospect's needs. Then when you meet him, present and close, you will have turned this cold call into a new relationship with a customer.

Consider implementing these tips if you operate a business using mailing lists, consumer mailing lists, opportunity seeker mailing lists or MLM mailing lists to target Opportunity Seekers, Business Opportunity Seekers, MLM Opportunity Seekers and Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers and want to make more money than you are currently making.

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