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Monday, March 1st, 2021

Mark's Bio

 Mark's Bio 

Mark was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, left home on his 17th birthday and lived a life of adventure ever since, living in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, Arizona, Hollywood, Beverly Hills Jamaica, Australia, Bali, Java and Borneo.

During his 20 years in Los Angeles he created mind-control techniques, teaching them to movie, TV and rock stars. As a marketing consultant he produced four record albums, three for fitness guru Richard Simmons and one for his own label, which earned him a Gold Album from the Recording Industry Association of America. His ‘Astral Sounds’ is the first recording ever to win a Gold Album despite containing no music, voices, human or natural sounds and it is now the best-selling 'New Age' album of all time. CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

Then he partnered with two Beverly Hills attorneys to create a remedial bar review training that utilized his  mind-control techniques. Mark remains the only non-attorney in California history to have trained law school graduates to pass the Bar Exam.

Mark then relocated to Bali and during two years there he researched his three books about Bali and other parts of Indonesia. Then off to Australia where he spent more than two years on a plumb marketing assignment before he relocated to Indonesia’s South Borneo where he spent more than six years as a marketing consultant to the Indonesian government (he still makes himself available to the Indonesian government). You can buy his books at, just enter 'Mark Beshara' in the search box. To learn more about Mark's books CLICK HERE.

His only hobby is American Rhythm & Blues (circa 1945-62, or ‘pre-Beatles’ as he's fond of describing it  to his Beatles-fan wife), and collecting vintage film footage and sound recordings of America’s premier vocal harmony groups of the 1950s. From singing Doo Wop acappella harmony as a founding member of The Joynotes on the street corners of Brooklyn as a teenager fortunate enough to be an eyewitness to the dawn of Rock ‘n’ Roll, his dream came full-circle when he helped stage some of his musical heroes in 1950s-style revival concerts in New York and Hollywood and when he was graciously mentioned in the introduction to the published memoirs of one of his early musical heroes.

Mark has been happily married since 1988 to his beautiful wife. They reside in Homosassa Springs, Florida.

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