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Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

Gifting Million Dollar Mailing List


'GIFTING': the act or power of giving
(The American Heritage Dictionary)

You, me, everybody... We've all received them and more arrive in our mailboxes every week. And plenty of people respond by immediately sending money, mostly cash. Some send $5, some $25, some $100, and many send as much as $1,000 or more. And I have the names & addresses of 30,000 of those people who've sent money! Yes, that's right... I said 30,000!

They not only responded to gifting offers, but to all kinds of income opportunity offers and MLM offers, and probably responded to more than one as this type of person usually keeps on responding to any new offer that catches their attention. Yours could be next.

I'm happy to report to you that I've put 30,000 of the most responsive leads I've ever seen  and am making it available to the first 25 people who respond.

The difference between this mailing list and my regular mailing lists is that the names & addresses of the my regular lists are only a few days old and go only to one client. The names & addresses of 30,000 leads that I'll send to you on my Million Dollar List are the same top-quality leads I'm famous for but they're just a bit older (all 'Specialty Lists' are refreshed every 90 days with brand new names & addresses and will be sold to a maximum of 25 clients.)

The 'Million Dollar' List comes on a special CD!

The 'Million Dollar List' of 30,000 leads comes to you on a quality CD in 3 formats:
(1) A
n Excel spreadsheet so you can select, sort and analyze them.
(2) A comma delimited ASCII file for easy merging to any document
(3) A special Word document. Just open this special document and labels print automatically.

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1-352-503-4668 – Especially for folks seeking a responsive list but needing me to help them pick the right one for their offer. Call, leave me a message, I’ll call you back and then I’ll pay for the long-distance call no matter how long it lasts! For all other matters not pertainng to selecting a mailing list please email me to


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